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  • PS gearboxes are ideal for all machine tools requiring sophisticated main feed drive concepts: gantry machines, vertical and horizontal lathes or milling and drilling centers.
  • Two size groups PS25, PS30
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • With a double gear ratio of 4:1 (5.5:1) and 1:1, ideal for main spindle drives.
  • Quick gear changes between high speeds for fine machining and high torque for heavy machining.
  • The transmission temperature also remains constantly low, even with frequent gear changes or maximum engine load.
  • Two-speed gearbox with integrated gear changing actuator
  • Switching unit with SensorShift function
  • The position of the actuator is detected by SensorShift (electronic sensor).
  • Choice of standard or reduced rotational clearance
  • Maximum permissible gear temperature (on gear surface) ≤ 80 °C
  • Protection class IP65
  • Easy and safe motor adaptation thanks to the backlash-free clamping coupling

Maximum speeds of two-speed PS gears:

  • with circulating lubrication system
  • with splash lubrication in S version (angular contact ball bearing)
  • with splash lubrication in version R (deep groove ball bearing) or Z (cylindrical roller bearing)

Optional versions of PS two-speed gearboxes:

  • circulating lubrication with an external tank
  • oil level sight glass or oil level indicator
  • circulating lubrication for extremely high speeds
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Switching unit with SensorShift PCB for two-speed gearbox:

  • SensorShift is an innovative, high-resolution magnetic sensor that precisely records the position of the selector teeth as they engage during gear changes, which momentarily reduces speed to ensure smooth engagement.
  • If for some reason the gear teeth do not engage smoothly, the SensorShift mechanism recognizes this and the shifting motor performs a short “reverse motion” to correct the problem. If the switching error level drops below 0.01%, the procedure is repeated, several times if necessary.
  • It is connected to the machine control system via a built-in connector.
  • The owner’s manual contains notes regarding the switching logic that must be programmed for shifting gears.
  • The position of the actuator is determined by an electronic sensor.
  • The actuator control system integrated in the switching unit analyzes the position signals and precisely actuates the switching motor.
  • Rated voltage 24 V DC −10%, +20%
  • Rated current when shifting gears 0.6 A
  • Starting current when changing gears 5 A
  • Maximum current of contacts S1 – S3 2 A (use a 2 A fuse (slow-blow) as fuse protection)
  • Expected service life S1 – S3 500,000 switching cycles (30 V DC, 1 A resistive load)
  • Low level digital inputs 0 – 8 V DC
  • High level digital inputs 12 – 30 V DC
  • Input current for digital inputs < 10 mA
  • Reflection time for digital inputs 100 ms
  • Shock resistance 20 g (10 Hz ≤ f ≤ 500 Hz)

Advantages of the switching unit with SensorShift:

  • There is no need for a customer-side relay or wiring in the control cabinet
  • Low complexity of programming the gear shifting process
  • The gear shifting process is not time sensitive for the machine control system and can run in the background
  • Automatic repetition of the shifting process in case of a shifting error
  • Wear-free, non-contact position detection
  • The integrated soft start system protects the mechanical parts
  • Possibility to shift to neutral from any gear
  • The SensorShift PCB version has compatible connections with the previous microswitch design.
przekładnie dwubiegowe, przekładnie dwuzmianowe, stober ps

Structures of the output shaft of the PS two-speed gearbox

  • Shaft design G (solid shaft without keyway)
  • P shaft design (solid shaft with two keyways)
  • F shaft design (flange shaft)

Bearings of the output shaft of the 2-speed PS gear:

  • Standard (deep groove ball bearing)
  • Axially reinforced (angular contact ball bearing)
  • Radially reinforced bearing (cylindrical roller bearing)

442712_en_08_KAT_Zweigang-Schaltgetriebe_PS.pdf – Catalog of two-speed PS planetary gearboxes from Stober in English

442639_en_12_BAL_Zweigang-Schaltgetriebe_PS.pdf – User manual for Stober two-speed PS shift gears in English