Stober servo drives of the 6 series are a new quality of control. They come in the single-axis version of SD6, which is the successor to the SDS5000. The two-axis version of the SI6 / SC6 is new to the product range. Two-axis drives are directed at multi-axis applications. They have a built-in Profinet / EtherCAT communication module. They contain 8 digital inputs. Support Hiperface DSL single-cable encoder. They are economical drives, they contain what is necessary in a modern application. They allow you to control the moment, speed, position. They support CIA 402 / DSP402 standard and PLCopen motion controller. The free Drive Control Suite DS6 software is used for programming. It allows you to program an application that can run without using a PLC. Stober servo drives have the ability to program additional logic in block language (FBD), e.g. a meter. You can also use the Stober PLC / industrial computer MC6 operating on Codesys 3. It supports G-Code (DIN 66025) robot transformations, synchronization of 100 axis positions. Interpolation up to 11 axes, 3D trajectory preview, Softmotion CNC, H / M functions. Full CNC support, 2.5D-Spline G5 and 3D-Spline G10 curves. This controller has ready examples for CNC, Cartesian robot, tripod, delta robot, scara, portal systems and others. There is also an 8 "and 15" touch screen. The version without a screen is affordable. Programming in the AS6 environment running on Codesys 3.5.

Advantages of using Stoeber servo drives with Stoeber control

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