6 series servo drives models SI6 / SC6 have a built-in Profinet communication module and 8 digital inputs. They are focused on multi-axis applications due to their narrow construction. The economical version of the SI6 / SC6 models allows you to connect two motors to one servo drive. The displays were abandoned in favor of diode signals to make the solution affordable. This makes it easy to communicate servo drives with a Siemens PLC. We provide ready and functional examples on the TIA Portal for controllers of the S7-1200 / S7-1500 series. These examples allow you to start the control of torque, speed, position. Servo drives support standard PLC controller motion controller and CIA402 / DSP402. Stober servo drives have the ability to program additional logic in block language (FBD), e.g. a meter. Model SD6 using an additional PN6 card can communicate in the Profinet network.

Advantages of using Stoeber servo drives with Siemens controllers:

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