Precision drive technology and control systems: planetary gears, servo motors, servo drives, servo gearmotors, motion controllers, hmi panels, rack gears, cylindrical gears, flat gears, helical-worm gearboxes, bevel gears, 2-speed gearboxes, brake gears in the adapter, vector inverters, geared motors, asynchronous electric motors, encoder motors, strips and gears, braking resistors, cabling, line chokes, incremental and absolute encoders.


Machine control and automation systems: servo drives with motion and plc controllers, safety controllers, hmi panels, linear motors, synchronous motors (servomotors), direct drive direct drives, stainless servo motors, stainless servo motors, single cable servo motors, washdown servo motors, I / O modules, KAS Kollmorgen Automation Suite software, Servostar 300, capacitor modules, braking resistors, wiring.


   Electric linear drives on toothed belts, ball or trapezoidal bolts, gears, with integrated linear rail or roller guides, linear telescopic drives, linear rack and pinion drives. Special versions: anti-corrosive, explosion-proof, cleanroom. Multi-axis Cartesian robots and delta robots.


  Angular multi-shaft bevel gearboxes with a small ratio 1: 1, 1: 1.5, 1: 2, 1: 4, ... Angular worm gears or hypoid.


  Electric linear actuators, screw gears, screw jacks, screw jacks, ball and trapezoidal screws.


Worm and conical helical gears, ball and trapezoidal screws.


  Economical planetary gears, variators - stepless elastohydrodynamic gears and geared motors, industrial container, tripod, laboratory, drum and other agitators.


Asynchronous electric motors in Exd explosion protection with incremental encoders, immersion encoders and others.


  Electric linear actuators also in stainless, aluminum and anti-explosive versions.


  Claw couplings, bellows couplings, safety (overload) couplings, distance couplings.



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