DEMERO is a partner of TREPKO and TREPKO Asecptic Sp.z o.o.

Our great success is the close cooperation with the World Leader Trepko and TREPKO Aseptic in Poland and Europe.

Trepko and TREPKO Aseptic produce packaging machines for the food industry in the execution of ULTRA CLEAN linear and rotary machines.

DEMERO provides excellent support and technical knowledge as well as comprehensive logistics for the supply of propulsion units in a special execution for the food industry. Our many years of activity and contact with people of this company as well as optimally matched drive units to meet the requirements of this client created the future basis for many years of cooperation.


DEMERO is a partner of the ICE Group Sp.z o.o.

A wide range of drive systems while maintaining the highest hygiene standards has allowed us to create close cooperation with the renowned ICE GROUP, a leader in the packaging machinery industry in the food industry.

ICE FILLING MACHINES require special power units. It is not only made of stainless steel but also adapted to work in an atmosphere of corrosive liquids. Our drive solutions fully meet the expectations of the supplier of these machines and its global customers. They have become standard on many types of machines such as FROSTO, RAPID, SPRINTER and others. Our wide range of possibilities allows you to flexibly adapt to many top-down controls imposed by the client of ICE GROUP. Good delivery times, drive buffering and fast response times along with a fantastic team. ICE GROUP and DEMERO create a good foundation for future cooperation


DEMERO is a partner of RAFAMET S.A.

We are proud of our achievements and cooperation with the largest producer of machine tools not only in Poland but also around the world - RAFAMET S.A.

Acquiring and strengthening fruitful cooperation with world leaders in various industries is the key strategy of our company. Our many years of experience in the TOOLING MACHINES industry and the creation of a wide range of options for the delivery of precision gears under the specific requirements of machine construction have enabled us to be promoted to the main supplier of drive units for RAFAMET S.A.


DEMERO is the patron of D.T.I. Sp.z o.o.

DTI operates in the Tooling Machines industry, where it is one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of special machine tools to meet customer requirements. DTI's clients include not only domestic companies, but also from EU countries and the USA. The need to use very precise gears in the designed machine tools resulted in the cooperation of DTI with DEMERO. Our joint activity for several years is based on an excellent flow of information between our engineers and a group of experienced designers.



DEMERO is a partner of TES Sp.z o.o.

TES Sp. z o.o. is a typical engineering company that provides devices that guarantee the latest technologies in the packaging industry.

The business philosophy of TES is consistent with the business profile of DEMERO, which has a decisive impact on the cooperation of both entities. TES builds high-class blow molding machines for PET containers, robotics systems and automation of any processes, as well as machines and devices tailored to the client's requirements. They use components supplied by DEMERO in both standard and special versions. Good cooperation strengthens the know-how of the DEMERO engineering staff and reliable equipment.


DEMERO is a partner of ZAPROM Sp.z o.o.

The historical foundation of the partnership with the ZAPROM company is close cooperation with the DZIEDZIC-PRUSZYŃSKI company, where excellent knowledge about the construction and construction of machines was excelled by the current head of the ZAPROM company - Mr. Dariusz Dziedzic. We provide servo drive units in not only the standard version. Joint consultations enable finding and providing unusual solutions both from the mechanical and control side, which in turn increases the work cycle of the new device in accordance with the customer's requirements.

Our servo and asynchronous drives are used in sheet metal processing machines and in production lines. The rapid development of ZAPROM together with a modern production hall and machine park allows us to look optimistically at the future of our cooperation.

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