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Options for energetic use of the DC-link connection

All series of SD6 drive controllers have the option of DC link connection. This technology makes it possible to use the energy generated generatively from a servo drive as the energy of a motor by another servo drive. Generation energy is created when the load drives the motor and thus energy is returned to the drive controller. If the operating states of the motor and generator change frequently or regularly, the excess energy generated may be transferred to one or more drive controllers. This is done by connecting the DC link.

Quick DC-Link

The structural component of the DL6 Quick DC-Link has been developed to ensure a reliable and efficient bus connection to the DC link. The contact between the drivers of the SD6 drive is via standard busbars (e.g. 5 mm x 12 mm). The rail mounting is designed without tools using quick clamping clamps.

Reliable and safe thanks to traffic control

Typical applications can be found in the areas of winding technology, rack feeders, conveyor and handling technology or in systems with gravity loaded axles. Furthermore, the use of several inverters with braking resistors in the application is an indication for the sensible use of a DC link connection. In order to use the generation energy optimally, it is necessary to adapt and control the drive sequences and motion profiles


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