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The most common safety solution in drive controllers is the STO function - Safe Torque Off. On its basis, you can also perform the function SS1 - safe stop 1. What if we need more security functions? Stober comes in with the right solution with the introduction of the SE6 engine controller, which has more safety features. Below is a diagram of the traditional safety system (diagram on the left) and the new solution (diagram on the right). The solution with SE6 does not require such a large number of components in the application, which entails a reduction in costs.

Below is a description of the functions performed by the SE6 drive resulting from DIN EN 61800-5-2:

Safe stop functions:

  • STO - Safe Torque Off, Safe Torque Off
  • SS1 - Safe Stop 1, engine braking, then
  • STO activation SS2 - Safe Stop 2, engine braking, then SOS activation

Safe movement functions:

  • SLS - Safety- Limited Speed, safely limited motor speed
  • SSR - Safe Speed ​​Range, safe speed range
  • SDI - Safe Direction, safe direction of rotation
  • SOS - Safe operating Stop, similar to the STO function but the torque is not disabled
  • SLI - Safety-Limited Increment, safely limited incremental increments
  • SPL- Safety -Limited Position, safely limited position Safe brake functions
  • SBC - Safe Brake Control, safe brake control

Functions derived from DIN EN 14118

  • SRL - Safe Restart Lock, safe restart

Functions not described as standards, it is most often the monitoring of the given function

  • SLS-M - Safe - Limited Speed ​​- monitoring
  • SSR-M - Safe Speed ​​Range- monitoring
  • SDI-M - Safe Direction-monitoring
  • SOS-M - Safe operating Stop- monitoring
  • SLI-M - Safety- Limited Increment - monitoring
  • SLP-M - Safety -Limited Position- monitoring
  • SBT - Safe brake test, safe brake test.

More information at or in the Manual SE6 safety technology.


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