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SC6 and SI6 motor controllers can be equipped with a SY6 module, which adds the STO and SS1 safety functions in accordance with DIN EN 61800-5-2. These functions are started via EtherCAT in FSoE mode.

STO prevents the electric rotating magnetic field that is generated in the drive controller needed to run asynchronous or synchronous motors immediately after activating the safety function. SY6 is a fast and wear-free, fully electronic solution. The security module is designed in such a way that the system regularly tests it and interrupt operations are eliminated. In practice, this means increased availability of machines and systems. The often complicated planning and documentation of functional tests is also eliminated. Drive controllers with an integrated safety module can be used in systems with high safety requirements up to SIL 3, PL e, category 4. Compliance with the requirements of the standards has been confirmed by an independent testing institute as part of a type test. SC6 and SI6 series drive controllers have successfully passed EtherCAT as well as Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE). More information at www.demero.pl or in the manual: Manual SY6 safety technology

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