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Stober gears can be equipped with a brake located in the adapter: ServoStop. This solution can be recommended for vertical axes as an additional redundant protection against uncontrolled gravity movement of the axis. Below is a diagram of such a solution: gear motor with two brakes.

A mechanical solution must go hand in hand with an electronic solution. That is why the company Stober proposes an SDS5000 or SE6 motor controller to control two brakes. If we only have one brake, we can use SDS5000 or SD6. The software implements automatic brake control. We can program a binary signal that will unlock the brake. Automatic brake management remembers the torque value on the motor before the brake is applied and restores this value after unlocking it. Thanks to this, we avoid dropping the vertical axes. We can program the function of automatic brake efficiency testing in schedule, the default value is test every 168 hours. The servo drive also has diagnostics for the brake system in the event of a power cut or wire break, and other errors. More information at or

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