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As a medium-sized manufacturer of gearboxes, "ATEK Antriebstechnik" looks back at more than 75 years of tradition. For more than 30 years, the product range has been focused on single-stage bevel gearboxes that ATEK develops and assembles itself and sells in the entire world. The modularly designed product range mainly encompasses bevel and worm gearboxes as well as the servo model line that can be combined with modern servomotors

Bevel gearboxes
The bevel gearboxes are characterised by a compact construction, a large power spectrum and a multitude of possible gear ratios and gear ratio reductions.

As a result, application-specific drive solutions for special machines or series products are offered for general mechanical engineering.

Bevel gearboxes of various types, which divert the direction of a rotational motion by 90° – and when desired also modify the rotational speed and the torque – are offered in a comprehensive product catalogue with all necessary technical specifications:

Miniature bevel gearboxes, bevel gearboxes, stainless steel gearboxes (HDV hygiene-design gearboxes), worm gearboxes and precision servo gearboxes (optimized for the fitting of servomotors).

Right-angle planetary gearboxes

The new ATEK right-angle planetary gearbox BPCE combines the properties of the renowned, compact, spiral-toothed and low noise ATEK bevel gearbox with those of a planetary gearbox.

The spiral-toothed bevel gear stage provides a low noise and compact power transmission at an angle, with its high power density, the planetary gearbox enables high torque values and high ratios in the most confined of spaces. The combination impresses with high torsional stiffness and low backlash.

The drive flange of the right-angle planetary gearbox is freely configurable and can be adapted to the motor as required. To provide a maximum degree of flexibility and easy maintenance, the right-angle planetary gearboxes are low-maintenance, feature life-time lubrication and have been optimized for the assembly in all installation positions. Four construction sizes and four construction types with each 18 gear ratios are available.

Modularly constructed drives

  • Degree of efficiency

The degree of efficiency [ɲ] represents the ratio of extracted and input power. As a result of the interaction of highly developed and precise individual components, the gearbox manufacturer ATEK is able to realise degrees of efficiency of 95-97% in their gearboxes.

  • Lubricants

ATEK gearboxes are filled with synthetic oils from the factory. Optionally, especially for the use in machinery intended for the food and pharmaceutical industry, the gearbox can be delivered with NOTOX lubricants, which comply with the requirements in accordance with NSF H-1. No oil change is necessary during the service life of the gearbox. The service life of the bearings can be increased by a factor of 1.5 when an oil change is performed after the first 500 operating hours and then every 5,000 operating hours.

Drive solutions with know-howGearbox specifications and design

With correct use, the service life of all gearbox elements is greater than 15,000 hours.

  • Noise emission

The noise emission depends on a multitude of factors. For example the gearbox size, the rotational speed, direction of rotation, lubrication, installation position and the quality of the installed deep groove ball bearings. ATEK has been installing the particularly low noise LFD EMQ deep groove ball bearings for many years. LFD has developed an EMQ variant for special requirements and applications. The fully automatic production process of the LFD EMQ deep groove ball bearings contribute to the ensuring of an extremely low noise level.

  • Test bench confirms excellent values

The structure-borne noise diagnostics is a recognised analysis procedure and is used for the state monitoring of rotating bearings. With light axial preload, a fixed outer ring and a rotational speed of 1,800 rpm, the LFD deep groove ball bearings are measured using in-house test benches at determined frequency bands between 50 Hz - 10,000 Hz. In the analysis, the frequencies summarised in the low band as “long waves” provide insight into the geometrical trueness and in the high band as “short waves” on the surface roughness. The noise emission with LFD EMQ deep groove ball bearings has been extremely reduced in regard to the application in gearboxes and electric motors. Elementary for this is an excellent surface finish and the high geometrical trueness.

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