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Robotic industrial cnc automatic machine for a glue according to a set trajectory of 3D motion with CNC control

  • Motion trajectory moved from a DXF file,
  • Motion trajectory saved in the G-CODE file with the option of editing points,
  • Precision positioning +/- 0.01 mm
  • Max. Linear speed 250 mm / s
  • The range of motion in the X axis = 500 mm
  • The range of movement in the Y axis = 500 mm
  • The range of motion in the Z axis is 200 mm
  • Max. Load on Z axis = 5kg
  • Offset positions for each XYZ axis.
  • Mounting table with assembly grooves.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Components of renowned European producers.
  • CE certificate or declaration of partly completed machinery

The advantages of the DEMERO CNC Cartesian robot:

  • high efficiency - work 24 hours / day 7 days a week,
  • high efficiency - ball screws, servomotors
  • high durability and reliability
  • high precision of movement
  • high repeatability of movements
  • high load capacity of the worktop
  • editing G-CODE files - editing the trajectory of movement

The DEMERO company offers the possibility to perform a Cartesian CNC robot:

  • with another tool
  • in a different range of motion
  • for specific customer requirements

The advantages of DEMERO machines:

  • increase production efficiency
  • they increase production savings
  • they increase the production dynamics
  • they increase the reliability of production

DEMERO CNC Cartesian robot:

  • for the car industry
  • for measuring systems
  • for applying glue in 3D space

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