Servodrives SDS5000 with motion control back >

Remote maintenance for all operations as in a local maintenance measure in a technically and legally secure form. Self-configuring Integrated Bus (IGB) for communication between maximum 32 servo inverters.

Communication modules

  • Optional accessory module for field bus connection:
  • CANopen® DS-301: CAN 5000
  • EtherCAT®: ECS 5000
  • PROFIBUS DP-V1: DP 5000
  • PROFINET: PN 5000

UL compliance

  • The inverters are UL and cUL (CSA UL) listed and meet the requirements of UL 508C and UL 840 standards.

CE compliance

  • All units of the 5th STOBER inverter generation conform to the applicable EMC Directives and meet the criteria of Low Voltage Directive EN 50178.
  • Standard features comprise an effective range of measures, among them an integral EMC filter and the high-quality galvanized sheet steel housing. Levels and terms apply as defined by IEC 1131. All inverters are CE-marked.

Safety functions

  • STO, SS1 (SIL3 Kat. 4 / PLe)


  • Isochronic system bus (IGB) for parameterization and multi-axis applications
  • Integrated holding brake controller
  • Fast commissioning with POSITool software
  • Removable data storage Paramodule for commissioning and service
  • Automatic motor parameterization from the electronic motor rating plate
  • Integrated line filter

Motor types

  • Asynchronous motors, synchronous servo motors

Encorder interfaces

  • Standard
  • EnDat® 2.1/2.2 digital, incremental, SSI
  • With terminal module
  • EnDat® 2.1 sin/cos, resolver: REA 5001
  • Pulse/direction signals: REA 5001, SEA 5001, XEA 5001

Terminal modules

  • Optional accessory module for analog and binary inputs and
  • outputs as well as encoder interfaces:
  • REA 5001
  • SEA 5001
  • XEA 5001

Project planning & commissioning

  • The 5th generation of POSITool project planning and commissioning software has all the functions needed for efficient use of inverters in single and multi-axis applications.
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