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The fully digital positioning axis for efficient automation. Functional housing design with modular hardware structure. Up to four axes can be controlled alternately. Their performance capabilities and modular hardware structure make these inverters very versatile. Equipped with SSI and incremental encoder interfaces they are ideally suited for the demanding control tasks of asynchronous geared motors.

Communication modules

  • Optional accessory module for field bus connection:
  • CANopen® DS-301: CAN 5000
  • EtherCAT®: ECS 5000
  • PROFIBUS DP-V1: DP 5000
  • PROFINET: PN 5000

UL compliance

  • The inverters are UL and cUL (CSA UL) listed and meet the requirements of UL 508C and UL 840 standards.

CE compliance

  • All units of the 5th STOBER inverter generation conform to the applicable EMC Directives and meet the criteria of Low Voltage Directive EN 50178.
  • Standard features comprise an effective range of measures, among them an integral EMC filter and the high-quality galvanized sheet steel housing. Levels and terms apply as defined by IEC 1131. All inverters are CE-marked.

Safety functions

  • STO, SS1 (SIL3 Kat. 4 / PLe)


  • Isochronic system bus (IGB) for parameterization and multi-axis applications
  • Integrated holding brake controller
  • Fast commissioning with POSITool software
  • Removable data storage Paramodule for commissioning and service
  • Automatic motor parameterization from the electronic motor rating plate
  • Integrated line filter

Motor types

  • Asynchronous motors, synchronous servo motors

Encorder interfaces

  • Standard
  • EnDat® 2.1/2.2 digital, incremental, SSI
  • With terminal module
  • EnDat® 2.1 sin/cos, resolver: REA 5001
  • Pulse/direction signals: REA 5001, SEA 5001, XEA 5001

Terminal modules

  • Optional accessory module for analog and binary inputs and
  • outputs as well as encoder interfaces:
  • REA 5001
  • SEA 5001
  • XEA 5001

Project planning & commissioning

The 5th generation of POSITool project planning and commissioning software has all the functions needed for efficient use of inverters in single and multi-axis applications.

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