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1- and 2-axis controller of synchronous and asynchronous motors. Integrated ProfiNET / EtherCAT communication. Rated current from 4.5 to 50A. Max. positioning precision up to 37 bits / 1 rev. Works with encoders EnDat 2.2 / 2.1, DSL Hiperface, incremental, SSI, resolvers. High resolution max. 33 million items per turn. Built-in power supply, one braking resistor for multi-axis applications (DC intermediate stage coupling).

Our more compact version for the encoderless Lean motor. The compact stand-alone SC6 drive controller allows for sensorless control of STOBER LM series Lean motors. These motors provide energy efficiency at the performance level of a synchronous servo motor. They also guarantee high investment protection, thanks to energy efficiency class IE5 and the corresponding higher efficiency compared to IE4 asynchronous motors. However, the SC6 can also be used in combination with asynchronous motors or synchronous servo motors with encoders (e.g. the STOBER EZ series). The SC6 drive controller is available in three sizes up to 19 A: sizes 0 and 1 as a double-axis controller, size 2 as a single-axis controller. Various safety options are also available.

Motor types
You can use the SC6 drive controller to operate Lean motors of the STOBER LM series, synchronous servo motors (such as those of the STOBER EZ series), asynchronous motors or torque motors.
Encorder interfaces
EnDat® 2.2 digital
Pulse/direction signals
Integrated EtherCAT® or PROFINET® communication
For connecting to a controller, we recommend the PROFINET® fieldbus in combination with the STOBER Drive Based application. As an alternative, you can use the EtherCAT® fieldbus and an application with a CiA 402 interface.
Safety functions
The safety concept of the drive controller is based on the STO (Safe Torque Off) function. The concept corresponds to SIL 3 according to DIN EN 61800-5-2 and PL e (Cat. 4) according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1. For connection to a higher-level safety circuit, different interfaces are available (terminals or FSoE).
HIPERFACE® DSL One Cable Solution
Electronic motor nameplate via HIPERFACE® DSL or EnDat® 2.2 digital encoder interface
Integrated holding brake activation
Energy supply over Quick DC-Link connection
Single-ended load on double-axis controllers for operation of motors with different power
Project configuration and commissioning
The 6th generation of DriveControlSuite project configuration and commissioning software has all the functions for the efficient use of drive controllers in single-axis and multi-axis applications. The program guides you step by step through the complete project configuration and parameterization process using wizards.
CE compliance
All drive controllers conform to the applicable EMC Directives and meet the criteria of Low Voltage and Machine Directive.
Standard features comprise an effective range of measures, among them an integral EMC filter and the high-quality galvanized sheet steel housing. All drive controllers are CE-marked.

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