C-LM helical servo gearmotors without encoder back >

Many housing styles to match almost any mounting requirement. Helical gearing. Robust solid shaft. Short motor adapter length. Easy and secure motor mounting. Can be attached to almost any make of servo motor.

C Series with servomotor LM of STOBER

Shaft Designs

  • Solid shaft with key
  • Solid shaft without key (C0 - C5, starting at C6 on request)

Housing Designs

  • Pitch circle diameter
  • Round flange
  • Square flange
  • Foot

Mounting Positions

  • Any mounting position.
  • You can find the explanation of the mounting positions and the respective quantities of lubricant in the document Quantity of lubricant for gear units ID 441871

Lubricants and Maintenance

  • Mineral lubricant CLP ISO VG 220
  • Option: Synthetic lubricant CLP HC ISO VG 220

Under normal operating conditions no lubricant change is required for gear unit size C0 to C5 (lubricated for life).
We recommend a change of lubricant for gear unit size C6 to C9 after approx. 10,000 hours of operation.

Paint Finish

  • Black RAL 9005

ME Motor Adapter

  • Fast and easy motor attachment
  • Rugged coupling with expanding function
  • Lowest mass moments of inertia for highest dynamics
  • Balanced for quiet, vibration-free operation, even at high speeds
  • Large range of motor shaft diameters
  • Error-free thanks to exact centering of the motor

Option ServoStop

  • Integrated in the motor adapter, electrically released spring-loaded brake.
  • When the power is removed, in the event of a power failure or an emergency stop ServoStop will brake both drive and machine shaft safely and reliably.
  • Zero-backlash plug-in coupling.

Recommendation Motor

  • EZ synchronous servo motors
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