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Multi-axis drive system. Positioning accuracy (up to 37 bit) in conjunction with Heidenhain encoders EnDat® 2.2 digital or HIPERFACE® DSL (up to 20 bit) from SICK Stegmann. More than 33 million positions are recorded per revolution. Simply assembly on the standard busbar 5 x 12 mm with Quick DC-Link. Electronic motor rating plate thanks to encoder systems HIPERFACE® DSL and EnDat® 2.2 digital.


Safety: STO (”Safe Torque Off”) controlled via terminals or via Fail Safe over EtherCAT® (FSoE). Communication via Ethernet-based fieldbus systems such as EtherCAT® and PROFINET®. Determination and replacement of the fieldbus communication by the firmware. CIA 402 device profile for seamless integration in Controller Based and Drive Based Solutions.

Type Size I2N,PU (4kHz) [A] I2N,PU (8kHz) [A] Dimension
SI6A061 0 5,0 4,5 373x45x265
SI6A062 0 2 x 5,0 2 x 4,5 373x45x265
SI6A161 1 12,0 10,0 373x65x286
SI6A162 1 2 x 12,0 2 x 10,0 373x65x286
SI6A261 2 22,0 20,0 373x65x286

Booksize? Pocket book!

You save valuable space in the control cabinet as with a width of just 45 mm, the SI6 drive controller is the most compact solution on the market. It provides all the features that an engineer requires.

Select your solution

4 axes, 16 or 97?
A single SI6 drive controller can control up to two axes. Thanks to the module system, the number of motors or axes to be controlled can be freely scaled. If required, SI6 drive controllers can be combined with stand-alone units from the STOBER SD6 series. For the common energy supply, the drive controllers from the SI6 and SD6 series can be connected to each other via Quick DC-Link modules.
Optimized energy performance

The SI6 drive controllers are connected to a central supply module. Decentralized supply units as well as fuses and cabling for each axis are dispensed with. When using double axis modules, unused power reserves of an axis can be used for other axes. A significant reduction of space and costs!
Precise dynamics

The SI6 provides acceleration literally as fast as lightning. For example, in combination with the STOBER synchronous servo motor EZ401: in 10 ms from 0 to 3000 rpm.
Less clicks, less wiring

Installation is exceptionally simple. No difficult wiring. The patented Quick DC-Link modules allow for a simple “click” into the standard copper rails as well as simple mounting and connection of the SI6 drive controller. The encoder communication and power connection of the motor takes place via a common channel connection: with the encoder system HIPERFACE® DSL, the electronic motor rating plate is available that simply and safely takes care of the parameterization of motor data.
The alternative interface: EnDat® 2.2 digital, also with an electronic rating plate function.
Safety immediately

The safety concept of the SI6 drive controller is based on the STO (”Safe Torque Off”) function that can be controlled via terminals as well as via Fail Safe over EtherCAT® (FSoE).
Heavy Duty

The SI6 looks elegant. However an extremely robust design is concealed behind the delicate exterior. All components – from the stable, well shielded sheet steel housing to the motor connectors – exceed the reference values of industry standards by far. Even the inside is anything but small format: generously designed computer capacities, high-quality components, careful workmanship.
Open communication

The Ethernet-based filed bus systems EtherCAT® and PROFINET® are available in the SI6 drive controller as standard. With the device profile CiA 402, the SI6 can be seamlessly integrated in Controller Based and Drive Based Solutions.

pdf 442765_00.pdf - Brochure SI6 Multi-Axis Drive System

pdf 442728_00_hb_si6_ps6_en.pdf - Manual SI6

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