2 axis T robot ELZI with single belt drive back >

Sizes: 30,40,60

X/Z gantry consisting of a double guide in the horizontal X level and a vertical Z axis. The belt is fixed and tensioned at the load end. The unit is driven by a rotating belt, which remains connected through various deflection points. The movement is realised by two motors. The coordinate lies diagonal to the defl ection points of the X axes and the Z axis.

  • Advantage: Only small masses are moved and thus it is possible to achieve high accelerations.
  • Fitting position: As required,
  • Max. length for x-axes 2000mm, for z-axis 1000mm
  • Unit mounting: By tapped holes in the bearing block, mounting sets.
  • Belt type: HTD with steel reinforcement, no backlash when changing direction,
  • Repeatability: ± 0,1 mm.
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