INVEOR vector inerters in protection class IP65 back >

Vector, splash-proof and dust-free vector inverters, with the possibility of mounting on the wall of the machine, on the surface of the engine (on the electrical box of the engine), in the power range 0.37 - 22 kW.

Product characteristics

Unique product features illustrate that the efficiency thinking in our INVEOR line of drive controllers is integrated down to the smallest detail.

Intuitive usability and programming concept:

  • Handheld control with clear display available
  • Integrated Soft-PLC in acc. with EN 61131-3
  • PC software with integrated oscilloscope function
  • Optional fieldbus systems (CANopen, EtherCAT, Profibus)
  • Touchscreen control and automation terminal available

Various fields of application:

  • Flexible application on all common motor types
  • Universal line of drive controllers from 0.25 to 22 kW

Easy assembly:

  • Motor-integrated or close to the motor assembly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Energy efficiency:

  • Vector control
  • Power-saving function
  • PID controller with integrated stand-by function
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Interception circuit

Ease of maintenance:

  • Robust and compact die-cast casing
  • High temperature and vibration resistance
  • Modern circuit topology
  • Self-convection up to 7.5 kW
  • S1 operation within 3-phase devices

Foil keypad:

  • Beside of the consisting PC software the INVEOR can be equipped with a handheld controller or a foil keypad which simplify the use of each on the INVEOR connected motor.

INVEOR α with a rotationally symmetrical foil keypad

  • The INVEOR α is optionally available with a new designed, rotation-symmetrical foil keypad. The design allows mounting the INVEOR α in any position without negative impacts on the usability and ensures the maximum of functionality.

Liquid cooling

  • The highest performance category up to 22 kW can not only be equipped with cooling rips but with a closed, liquid perfused cooling element. Through the omission of the cooling rips the INVEOR with liquid cooling fulfils the requirement for an expansion to several fields of application. The drive controller platform can be used within heavily polluted environments as well as within environments with a high ambient temperature, such as in heavy industry

Single-phase power supply

  • The INVEOR is available to provide a single-phase supply, covering power classes from 0.37 kW to 1.1 kW. This completes the product portfolio in terms of drive technology and makes it possible to operate in low output ranges.


  • The INVEOR P is a drive controller without a housing and has a heatsink in the form of a standardized cold plate. This cold plate enables an adaption of different cooling concepts like installation plates, castings or ribbed housing parts.
  • With the usage of a thermal conducting foil or paste as an intermediate layer, the even standard cold plate of the drive controller INVEOR P connects with various existing cooling elements in the application environment. This allows an especially simple machine integration.

Touchscreen Terminal

  • With the new coloured touchscreen control and automation terminal KOSTAL Industrial Electronics offers a further possibility to increase efficiency during the handling of drive systems. Herewith the operation of the drive controller platform INVEOR occurs intuitively and centrally, which enables the control, automation and visualization of multi-axis systems in an extended temperature range with one device.

Handheld controller MMI

  • The application and performance parameters of the INVEOR drive controller are displayed and programmed with the handheld controller MMI. The plain text display allows an easy handling
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