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Sizes: 120, 160, 200. Mechanical linear unit with two internal roller guides. The system is driven by a linear motor integrated into the unit. Repeating accuracy:   ± 0.1 mm. Travel speed: max. 8 m/s

The guide body consists of an Al-rectangular profile, in which two roller guides are integrated with ten or twelve rollers depending on the length and load. The linear motor axis DLM is based on the principle of a linear synchronous three-phase motor. The secondary part is equipped with permanent magnets and serves as a stator.
The primary part as a rotor has a three-phase winding. The magnetic attraction leads to a force effect between the primary and secondary parts, even when the motor is de-energized, which can be used as a mechanical bias for storage. Several guide carriages (primary parts) can be moved independently on a guide profile.
Any, max. Length of one piece 6,000 mm.
Over T-slots and mounting kits. The linear axis can be combined with any T-slot profile.
By default, the carriage is mounted on ten or twelve rollers, which can be adjusted and maintained in one position. When extending the carriage, the number of rollers can be increased. Repeat accuracy ± 0.05mm. Travel accuracy max. ± 0.05 to 4,000 mm, ± 0,1> 4,000 mm

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