Planetary gear with brake PA-MB back >

Precision for highest demands. Helical gearing. High torsional stiffness. Backlash up to < 1 arcmin. Robust solid shaft. Short motor adapter with integrated holding brake and plug-in coupling. Easy and secure motor mounting. Can be attached to almost any make of servo motor.

Electrical Connection

  • Standard design with terminal box and integrated release monitoring.
  • Optionally with connector, however not in conjunction with electrical monitoring.

Option Hand Release

  • With the hand release the brake can be released mechanically.

Paint Finish

  • Black RAL 9005

Motor Adapter MB

  • Integrated static current brake.
  • As single brake or - together with motor brake - as redundant braking system.
  • Motor adapter for all common synchronous servo motors.
  • Plug-in coupling for easy removal of the motor with braked axis in any position.

Enclosure Type

  • IP54, optional IP65


  • Coil connection 24 VDC
  • Coil connection 104 VDC (Connection voltage 220 – 277 V, ± 5%, 50//60 Hz) with high-speed rectifier.

For details see Operating instructions Brake module MB ID 441846
Recommendation Motor

  • EZ synchronous servo motors

For further information see Synchronous Servo Motors

Shaft Designs

  • Solid shaft with key
  • Solid shaft without key

Lubricants and Maintenance

  • Synthetic lubricant CLP HC ISO VG 150
  • Lubricated for life
  • Maintenance-free
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