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Synchronous servo motors with feedback in the power range 0.29 - 16kW. Torques in the range of 0.89 - 77.2Nm. With EnDAT 2.1 / 2.2 absolute encoders, with resolvers, single-cable with Hiperface DSL encoders. With brake, with fan or flange for liquid cooling. CE, UL and cUL certificates. Optional washdown.

Serwomotor ez jednokablowy firmy StoberPower and Encoder Interface

  • Rotating plug connectors with quick lock.
  • Option: Supplied with mating connectors.

Motor Brake

  • Optionally the motor b-side can be equipped with a permanent magnet holding brake.

Drive Controller Recommendation

  • POSIDYN SDS 5000 with power range 0,75 to 45 kW
  • SD6 with power range 0,75 kW to 45 kW

For further information see Drive Controllers
External Fan

  • According to DIN EN 60034-6, IC416
  • To increase torque and continuous performance.
  • In case of higher surrounding temperatures.
  • Also available as a retrofit kit.

Option Water Cooling

  • As an option, the front cover on the motor can be supplied with a cooling channel for water cooling.

Paint Finish

  • Housing and connector black RAL 9005
  • Motor cover b-side magenta RAL 4010


Absolute value encoder EnDat® 2.1 or EnDat® 2.2

  • Optical or inductive measuring principle
  • High system accuracy with up to 23 bits resolution
  • Up to 4096 recordable resolutions in multiturn version
  • Electronic nameplate ensures fast and easy commissioning
  • Additional information transferred with the position value (EnDat® 2.2)
  • Compatible with STOBER drive controllers and drive controllers of many third-party manufacturers


  • High temperature resistance
  • High vibration strength and shock resistance

Shaft Design

  • Solid shaft without feather key
  • Hollow shaft for pinion attachment for direct mounting to STOBER servo gear units

Winding Protection

  • PTC thermistors are installed in STOBER synchronous servo motors as a configuration feature to implement thermal winding protection. This makes it possible for the motor to exceed the maximum permitted winding temperature with the appropriate devices turned off.
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